The European Association of Young Economists (EAYE) is an association managed by young economists for young economists. The aim of the association is to facilitate the interaction between young non-tenured researchers in economics working on topics within the field. Its main activity is the organization of the yearly SMYE. The EAYE also grants the Young European Economist Award to a young European economist who has made a contribution in research or policy debate that is significant to economics in Europe.

The Meeting of Young Economists, previously known as Spring Meeting of Young Economists (SMYE), is the annual young economists conference organized by young economists for young economists at various European Universities (since 1996) under the auspices of the European Association of Young Economists. By now, the SMYE has become an international event, being hosted in 11 different countries and receiving over 700 applications per year from all over the world. Admittance to the conference is highly selective as the number of presentations is always below 200. This guarantees a friendly environment where young scholars can have excellent feedback, high attendance, informal interactions with keynotes, and a lot of fun moments every year from a quarter of a century.

“The SMYE serves a unique purpose in that it targets the younger end of our research community and is organized by them.
I was really impressed by the quality of the program and I very much enjoyed being part of it.”
Manuel Arellano

“Attending the SMYE in Mallorca was a wonderful experience. The setting was idyllic, the organization was flawless, and I had the chance to meet a number of
brilliant young European economists. I also found the presentation/discussion format particularly effective.
This conference was definitely one of the highlights of my Spring term.”
Pol Antrás

“The SMYE conference was really a great opportunity to see the latest research done by some of the best graduate students
throughout Europe. I especially enjoyed the friendly and constructive atmosphere during the talks
and the enthusiastic work done by the organizers of the conference!”
Barbara Rossi

“Young, Economists, in the Spring, who are worth Meeting: What’s not to like?!”
Joshua Angrist